From 6.12.’08. till 6.01.’09. occasional tourist bus ticket prices

See the sights of Rijeka and Opatija with commentary in ten languages.

Occasional prices in period from 6th december 2008 till 6th January 2009 for a trip from Rijeka to Opatija with touRIst Bus will cost only 20kn for commercial drive.

Tickets can be bought:

– at the Rijeka and OpatijaTourist Information Centres,

– in hotels in Rijeka and Opatija,

– on the touRIst bus.

 View from Rijeka to Istria and Cres Opatija


More than 2.000 people attented last night grand opening of new swimming pool complex placed in western part of town – Kantrida.


After 2 years of building,  Rijeka is finally ready to entertain the 12th European championship in 25m long pools.

Untill today 25m long pool and small poll for non swimmers are finished, the old pool will be reconstructed and one more will be builded.

Rijeka is a town of swimmers, many of them are winners of many wourld swimming contests. Therefore, the pride that citizens of Rijeka feel now came really at the best moment – in last stage of preparation for European swimming contest.


High temperatures, that are common in Rijeka for few weeks, will be heating us for next seven days at least. See here detailed weather forecast for Rijeka

Also, sea temperature is high and perfect for swimming. We reccommend following beaches in Rijeka and surrounding areas:
Kantrida (western part of town – concrete, pebble)
Opatija (15km from Rijeka – concrete, pebble)
Kostrena (5km from Rijeka – lots of small, hidden, pebble beaches)




There are also beautiful beaches on island Krk and Cres, Mošćenićka Draga (small village on Istrian coast) and toward Senj – southern from Rijeka. To reach them we recommend bus lines.

Here is schedule: bus company – “Autotrans”

Island Krk is with bridge connected to mainland, but Cres can be reached with ferry boats from two sides:
1. Brestova – Porozina (ferry boat line from Istrian peninsula)
2. Valbiska – Merag (ferry boat line from island Krk)

Here is schedule: ferry boat company – “Jadrolinija”



If you come to Rijeka with a boat, first thing you’ll notice is large, blue Tower Center – few months ago opened shopping centre in Rijeka. That’s what I saw first too. And went to see that “miracle” -logically was to expect great view to whole Rijeka and Kvarner – it was nothing I tought it would be. The tower is not made to be a shopping centre, it will be business area.


Shopping area is in tower’s long extension, parking too. It is just an ordinary shopping centre, indeed larger than any other I’ve seen before with its 150 stores. Can be found everything, as we Croatians would say: from needle to engine. There are also coffee bars and children plainground.


The best part, in my humble opinion, are 8 cinema hallsMovies program see here 

Here is Tower centre working time:

monday                    10 – 21

tuesday – saturday    9 – 21

sunday                     10 – 19




From today till tomorrow (13. April) lasts Rijeka Adventure Festival 2008, sport manifest that promotes outdoor sports and adventure. In last few years Rijeka became Croatian «adventure» centre, known outside Croatia, so this year there will be also competitors from Slovenia, Austria and Poland.



Main event will be 2-days KI-Challenge race, starting in Rijeka and passing through Kvarner bay, Učka and Ćićarija. This 150km long route will include following disciplines: trekking, kayak, mountain biking, orientation, speleology and going down with a rope.


Through these two days, in town centre, by the sea is placed huge artificial rock, on which climbers will participate in sport climbing Rijeka Open 2008. Part of the rock will be open for all people that would like to try climbing.

Bad weather again over Rijeka and Kvarner

Unfortunatelly, after 5 beautiful, sunny days, bad weather is back. Strong wind caused problems in sea traffic, and temperature went down. The only good thing were moments when sun decided to spice boring grey with its lights dancing upon sea surface.


Traffic collapse threatening on bypass road (D-404) of Rijeka

At the end of this month will start building extension of road D-404 over bridge Rječina. This means that two traffic lights will be periodically stopping traffic, causing colons not only there, but also in city centre. This will especially be huge problem during the summer, when colons are not unusual even without any building extensions.



The building steps will be really special to observe, since abysm of Rječina is 50m deep and its water is the one people from Rijeka are drinking so this will be huge “test” for constructors. For the moment only mountaineers are going down to see what are the best places and solutions to make platform for machinery.